EOHS Commercial Property Assistance

Zoubek Consulting, LLC offers Environmental, Occupational, Health & Safety (EOHS) assistance to property managers, real estate firms, and tenants to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements placed on commercial properties and due diligence when companies vacate a facility.

Our property assistance services include:

  • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Assessments/Laboratory Decommissioning using the following standards:
    • ASTM 1527-13: Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments
    • ANSI-AIHA Z9.11-2008 American National Standard for Laboratory Decommissioning
  • Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure Plan generation and maintenance assistance in accordance with EPA 40 CFR Part 112.3 (g)(1)
  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan generation & maintenance in accordance with CA H&S Code 25503
  • Safety Program Management (outsourcing) assistance for tenant compliance to hazardous materials management requirements & workplace safety regulations
  • Chemical Classification Reports for California Fire Code Compliance (FPB-500)
  • Facility personnel safety assistance in accordance with Cal/OSHA requirements
  • Laboratory ventilation certification and testing in accordance with ANSI Z9.5