Dangerous Goods Shipping Training and Consultation Services

Dangerous Goods Shipping Training and Consultation Services

Zoubek Consulting, LLC provides customized Dangerous Goods Transportation Training and Consultation Services. We offer certified training for Dangerous Goods shipping employees and provide expert classification guidance and instruction on the preparation of compliant shipments.

Services Include

  • Training on Transportation of Dangerous Goods, covering General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety and Security curricula requirements for the following modes of transport:
    • Air shipping (as per IATA/ICAO)
    • Ground shipping (as per DOT)
    • Ocean shipping (as per IMO/IMDG)
  • Customized training on the classifications being shipped:
    • Hazardous Waste (enabling signing of waste manifests)
    • Chemicals (Fully Regulated, Limited Quantities, Excepted & De Minimis Quantities and Overpacks)
    • Biologicals (Category A & B, Exempt Human Specimens, and Genetically Modified Organisms)
    • Lithium Batteries
    • Consumer Commodities
    • Company Shuttle Transportation
    • Dry Ice and any other classifications as applicable
  • Expert classification consultation
  • Written programs and shipping instructions

Other Experience & Credentials

  • Board Certified Dangerous Goods
    Professional (CDGP) expertise

Clients Served

  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • Paint Producers and Distributors
  • Electronics Equipment Distributors
  • Hazardous Waste Handlers