Zoubek Consulting, LLC provides expert consultation in confined space identification (permit vs. non-permit required), written program implementation and training.

Specific Services Include:

  • Confined Space Assessment

    We will provide a comprehensive assessment of permit, non-permit, and alternative confined spaces. A detailed Confined Space Assessment Report will be provided identifying confined space locations, types, and hazards.

  • Confined Space Written Program

    Client-specific confined space written program can be provided, including specific entry procedures, equipment, and personnel.

  • Training Courses

    We offer site-specific, task-specific confined space training. Topics include:

    • Confined space awareness
    • Confined space entrant/attendant/supervisor
    • Confined space equipment use
    • Confined space self-rescue
  • Confined Space Entry Procedures

    Space-specific entry procedures can be created to provide guidance on the proper steps to work safely in and around confined spaces.

    Clients Served

    • Colleges and universities
    • Athletic facilities
    • Oil companies
    • Water purification facilities